Key Updates: AAMI ST58:2024 – Guidance for Chemical Sterilization

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Join us as we go over all the major updates regarding processing (gaseous sterilization, liquid chemical sterilization, and high-level disinfectants) for reusable medical devices. The current version of AAMI ST58 was due for revision, as it was last updated in 2013. These updates will improve safety for personnel performing the processing and enhance patient outcome and experiences with the newly revised guidance.

This training will discuss major revisions in quality management systems, high level disinfection (HLD), liquid chemical sterilization (LCS), storage conditions and design considerations for central processing departments (CSPD) among a few other things that will impact CSPD. A new look at risk analysis, quality verification tests for HLD, LCS and low temperature sterilization modalities will be discussed in detail to ensure the importance and the conductance of these tests. User verification credentials and certification are also among some items that have bene updated in the standard to ensure compliance to current guidelines for personal performing processing verification.

The entire document has undergone a major overhaul. By attending this training, you will learn about the new and upcoming changes and how to implement them in your current role and job duties.


    Over the course of two (2) hours, the attendee will be able to:
  • Understand the updates to various sterilization modalities and newly added requirements for healthcare facilities, ambulatory settings, and manufactures.
  • Understand the importance of new inclusions; newly approved HLD modality, definitions, certification requirements, safe and effective use of liquid chemicals, quality verification testing for users and Risk analysis.
  • Informed regarding considerations in the new Annex S - EO gas sterilization, design consideration, ventilation, biological monitoring, quality testing, packaging, safe handling, environmental and employee monitoring.

Who Should Attend?

  • Healthcare Sterile Processing Professionals
  • Medical Device Professionals with experience in Sterility Assurance, Sterilization and Microbiology.

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